Peter Fluchere

Peter FlucherePeter Fluchere
Real Estate Appraiser

(845) 228-1387

It seems as if my life is about constant motion. Driving 35,000 miles a year in the Hudson Valley makes me an “expert” on all that is happening along the road. My business takes me to many different kinds of properties. I enjoy the time to talk with the people. I measure, photograph the houses and commercial locations, fill out government forms and provide my best effort to answer questions.

The appraiser’s duty is to be as aware as possible to changes and trends in the real estate market. Classes and conversations with many people in the industry, as well as the local government agencies help to be able to make informed valuation estimates. All of a sudden, it’s been 32 years.

For ten years after graduation from Kenyon College, in Religion and Philosophy, I flew as a navigator for the United States Air Force. With over a million miles flown, I tried to chart a course to safely direct my crew and plane to many unusual destinations. Measurements were made with radar, a sextant, and other leftovers from WWII. I was privileged to watch the world pass from the big windows of the Hercules. Government forms were filled out, in pencil.
Sometimes, I took pictures. It would seem that what is studied in school, and experienced in the military, can have a direct link with the course of one’s life.

Judy and I have many children doing very well, and even more incredible and talented grandchildren.
We live in farmhouse, surrounded by an orchard of apple trees. Our day starts, talking to our dog and thousands of crows. What is living in the Hudson Valley worth? Priceless.