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Rick BrooksRick Brooks
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There’s been a fire in your office’s building. No severe damage but the building will be closed for at least 2 weeks. How long will you remain in business if your customers can’t reach you? What happens if your phone stops ringing or there’s no one in the building to answer it?
Can critical employees send and receive e-mail without power?
Will your company be able to function during a pandemic?
Are critical parts of your operations dependent on paper or other information locked inside your office?

Ensuring that you have access to your customers, employees, vendors, and data during and after a power failure, fire, flood, or other problem is not a simple matter. You need expertise in everything from telecommunications (alternative communications with customers, employees, and regulators), data back-up and recovery to regulatory compliance (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley, EFA, HIPAA, 21 CFR 11, FFIEC, GASB 34). USAR Systems can help you to prioritize your most critical needs and implement systems to meet them.

Rick Brooks, the Founder of USAR Systems, uses a comprehensive approach which focuses on preparedness for a full spectrum of emergencies. We help companies incorporate preparedness into all facets of their business so they are ready for unexpected events. Rick’s strategies improve productivity where possible and take advantage of opportunities for savings. Our customers often find that resilient systems have lower operating costs than those that were in place beforehand.

USAR Systems specializes in comprehensive continuity planning for small businesses and corporations. USAR Systems plans for voice and data continuity, personnel preparedness, reduced use of paper for information storage, notification systems, and table-top and field testing. We have significant experience in numerous areas including voice and data networks and a deep understanding of the impact that each system’s design has on business image and productivity.

Rick and his team offer individualized attention and personal service based on a motto from his career in Emergency Medical Services, “Do the Right Thing – Always”.
At USAR Systems, you’ll find the best of both worlds: the personal attention of a small firm and the resources of large companies such as Level 3 Communications, Global Crossing, Paetec, and Cablevision. In addition, Rick has access to a wide array of products to assist you in implementing your plan.

Rick earned his BS in Computer Science from Pace University. He is a member of the CT chapter of the Association of Contingency Planners and the Northeast Disaster Recovery Information Exchange. He lives in Old Greenwich, CT where he serves as a member of the fire department’s technical rescue team. He holds numerous FEMA emergency management and fire-rescue certifications. The former president of the Greenwich Lions Club and the current District Lions Alert Chairperson, he was recently made a Knight of the Blind. He serves on the board of the Stamford Young Artists Philharmonic and is a former member of the Executive Committee of the Board of the New York School for the Deaf. He is able to communicate in French, Spanish, and American Sign Language.